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Sickly Vicious Circle

I’m currently suffering the following vicious circle: Toddler throws up Toddler sleeps Toddler wakes Toddler runs around, completely happy Toddler demands food and drink Toddler throws up Go to... read more

Removing the Cage

We entered a new era last night. We decided it was time to remove the side from the small person’s cot. I also had to move a gate to the top of the stairs, because as we’d not let her wander around upstairs before, we didn’t really need one up until... read more

Lego Digital Designer

I’ve been playing around with Lego Digital Designer recently. It allows you to piece models together on your computer, without the expense of buying all the Lego bits. Obviously it’s never going to replace connecting those blocks in the real world, but it... read more

Lego Wish List

I’ve recently reignited my love of Lego (because, deep down, I am about 9 years old), and now I’m on the lookout for some great sets. I bought the Parsian Restaurant and now I’ve got my eye on those below: Detective’s Office (10246) Price: £132.99... read more

My New Quadcopter

I was a very lucky boy this Christmas, as @Mooley bought me a quadcopter. It turned up in the post very late, so I wasn’t able to try it out any earlier. Despite the short battery life (I’m going to buy a couple of spares), it’s great fun. I’d... read more

Lego Parisian Restaurant

I’m a bit of a Lego fan, but up until recently I’ve restricted myself to the cheaper sets to get my fix. I didn’t feel I could justify the cost of something a little more substantial than the odd helicopter or White House set. In the end I decided... read more

Licky Face!

Game: Licky Face! Number of players: 2 Rules: Begin the game by chanting the following in unison: One, two, three four! I declare a Licky Face War! You then have to lick the other person’s face before they lick yours. If you both lick at the same time, you have... read more

£9 Down

I’ve just spent £9 to continue mapping my domain to this blog. I guess I’d better write something to make it worth while. read more

RSPB Sandy

It’s a while since I’ve left the house with the camera in tow. Given that it was a nice day, I thought I’d take Lily over to the RSPB nature reserve at Sandy. Unfortunately, controlling a 16-month old and framing photos wasn’t easy. So I... read more

Christmas Tree of Hope – Update

I’m pleased to say that the Christmas tree we had outside the front of the house remained until well into the New Year, when I took it in the back of the car to its final resting place. To say that I was shocked it wasn’t stolen is an understatement, as... read more

Eating from the Floor

A baby’s taste experience I’m the proud father of a 9-month-old daughter who is just coming in to her own. Everything is suddenly turning into a game and there’s almost nothing which doesn’t raise at least a smile in her. Her giggle is becoming infectious, as... read more

Christmas Tree of Hope

We’ve put a decorated Christmas tree outside our front door. Perhaps we are tempting fate, but we’re giving the people of Bedford the benefit of doubt and hoping that it’s not going to be stolen before Christmas is over. We live across the road from... read more

Ideal Home Christmas Show 2013

We attended the first day of the Ideal Home Christmas Show at Earl’s Court today. Despite there being a few nice bits and pieces (and a token number of Christmas products), it really wasn’t great. I can image it only really being someone’s idea of an... read more