Christmas Tree of Hope – Update

I’m pleased to say that the Christmas tree we had outside the front of the house remained until well into the New Year, when I took it in the back of the car to its final resting place. To say that I was shocked it wasn’t stolen is an understatement, as the neighbourhood I live in isn’t the best. To be honest, after the tree was continually knocked over by the strong winds we had in December, I’m not surprised it was left alone.

That said, I am very surprised that it wasn’t stolen by one of the drunks from the club across the road. Maybe there is some good left in Bedford after all.

Ideal Home Christmas Show 2013

We attended the first day of the Ideal Home Christmas Show at Earl’s Court today. Despite there being a few nice bits and pieces (and a token number of Christmas products), it really wasn’t great. I can image it only really being someone’s idea of an “ideal home” if they like to fill their homes with tat. It was more like a market this year, than a place to get any inspiration.

Plus, what has a company like Yakult – or one advertising paintballing – got to do with either the ideal home or Christmas? It just seemed to be an attempt to cram as many corporate faces in to a room as possible, whether or not they were relevant. When I last attended just two years ago, it seemed a lot more focused on the house, furniture and, indeed, Christmas.

I’m very glad my tickets were free.


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